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Whether you’re trimming trees as a weekend warrior or as a professional, we have the accessories and safety equipment you need:

  • Chain saw guide bars and chain (for most any brand of chain saw).
  • Carbide and specialty saw chain for cutting the tough stuff.
  • Bar and chain oil to help keep your saw running smooth.
  • Chain saw sharpening tools, hand held grinders and accessories.
  • Hard head wedges, forestry tools, chain breakers and spinners.
  • Hand pruning tools, pruning saws, loppers and axes.
  • Climbing saddles, safety ropes, lanyards and climbing spikes for those hard to reach places.

Responding to an emergency or a contractor cutting concrete or block? We have Abrasive and Diamond wheels for your concrete, rescue or rotary saws.

We carry a full line of protective apparel that will help keep you safe.

  • Chain saw safety apparel including wash and wear chaps.
  • Helmet systems, face shields, safety glasses, hats and hearing protection.
  • Flashlights and safety cones.
  • Snake protection leggings which are lightweight and one size fits all.
  • Gloves for heavy-duty use or just working in the yard.

Whether you’re a homeowner touching up your lawn or a landscaping professional tackling tough brush removal, we have the cutting heads and blades to meet your unique trimming needs. Metal, plastic, commercial or quiet, we can explain the many options available and help you find the right replacement head, blade or line for your trimmer, brush cutter or clearing saw.

To round out our line of accessories we also stock:

  • 2 cycle and 4 cycle oil and fuel stabilizer.
  • Gas cans (including Dolmar 2 part Gas Cans) and Sig aluminum fuel bottles.
  • Garden tools.
  • Sprayers, fertilizer and spreaders.
  • Tarps (both burlap and plastic).
  • Loading ramps both wood and heavy duty aluminum.
  • and last but not least Water and Trash pump hoses and hose kits.

Unsure which type of accessory will work for you? Call us or come in and we’ll help match you up with the items you need to keep you safe and to get your job done faster and easier.

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