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Tips and Advice on how to minimize fuel system problems:

Purchase only the amount of fuel that will be used within 30 days – Fuel deteriorates over time. Deterioration begins with the most volatile compounds evaporating. Once evaporation reaches a certain point it will be hard/impossible to start the machine.

Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel the day you buy it – Most fuel stabilizers form a layer over the top of the gasoline and greatly reduce the rate the fuel’s volatile compounds evaporate. If a fuel stabilizer is added to gasoline the day the gasoline is purchased, the fuel may stay fresh longer (up to 90 days).

Purchase a name brand fuel – Name brand fuel producers and their stations are more likely to follow a rigid quality control program to ensure their fuel is clean, fresh and has the correct additive package. They also tend to be busy, further ensuring customers receive only the freshest fuel.

Gasoline with up to 10% ethanol (E10) or 15% MTBE by volume is acceptable –
BUT, keep in mind that ethanol fuel blends will absorb water from the atmosphere and can cause corrosion of fuel system components.

Do not use gasoline with more than 10% ethanol by volume – Engines produced to date for use in outdoor power equipment are not designed for gasoline with more than 10% ethanol (such as E15 and E85); using higher ethanol fuel blends may lead to engine damage and/or performance issues.

Consider using gasoline without any ethanol (E0) – Gasoline with no ethanol will greatly reduce the amount of moisture the gasoline can absorb from the atmosphere.

For 2 cycle engines, we recommend the use of a premixed fuel which contains no ethanol. We recommend and carry in stock Stihl MotoMix and Echo PowerFuel premixed in ready to use cans.

STIHL MotoMix® Premixed Fuel provides you with a 50:1 fuel mixture, created with premium 92 octane gasoline and the superior protection of STIHL HP Ultra two-cycle engine oil. STIHL MotoMix® contains no ethanol, allowing it to maintain stability for up to two years after the seal is broken. It can be stored longer and will stay fresh in your equipment during storage periods. MotoMix® also is environmentally conscious – the fuel is non-aromatic and the engine oil is fully synthetic and highly biodegradable.

ECHO PowerFuel is a pre-mixed fuel, containing 93 octane gas and oil, that’s ready-to-use right out of the can – there is no need to measure or mix oil. It contains no ethanol and is specifically developed at a 50:1 ratio and is the only pre-mixed fuel that uses ECHO Red Armor OilTM. ECHO PowerFuel is recommended for use in all air-cooled, 2-stroke engines. With ECHO PowerFuel you never have to worry about stale fuel – in fact, it stays stable and usable for up to 2 years after opening! ECHO PowerFuel even makes winter storage and maintenance easier – it is not necessary to drain the tank unless it has remained in the tank for over 2 years.

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